Hatha group flow

Find joy and take the plunge!

Yoga is like a cafetiere for our mind. Our thoughts incessantly whirl around in our heads like coffee beans, and yoga comes like a big plunger, filtering out all the negative mind stuff so that we come to the sweetness that lies beneath. Sequenced stretching with the breath creates more space, while breathing and relaxation techniques take us deeper to find our true essence. It is natural alchemy!

I teach hatha flow yoga. Each class follows a wave like pattern, starting softly with the breath and then flowing into movement with mini vinyasas (sequences), leading to a peak pose. We then unwind and come back to centering with the breath, but noticing the change from when the class began.

The classes are themed so that you can experience poses differently each time and an element of repetition is built-in every week, so that you can develop your home practice.I cap my class-size at 18, so that I can modify alignment and tailor my lesson plans around your unique needs.

Why not try it for free! I offer a free taster class and then you can buy a monthly or termly pass at a discounted price. Drop-in is also available if you work shifts.

Through yoga, the body attains attractiveness to others, beauty, firmness and unusual physical strength” – Patanjali


SPECIAL OFFER: Free taster class when you register

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I’ve been going to Natalie’s yoga class for 3 years and my core strength has greatly improved. Natalie is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had, her skill and knowledge are amazing!

Jane Glennie

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