Corporate classes

Have happy, motivated staff and promote wellbeing at work

The Health and Safety Executive for Great Britain reported that 22.7 million working days were lost due to work-related ill health in 2013. Stress in the workplace is a major cause.

Yoga can help to reduce stress by instilling calm and presence of mind and fostering a philosophy that encourages health and harmony.

Benefits for your business

  • Improves staff productivity
  • Reduces staff sickness /turnover
  • Increases job satisfaction and motivation
  • Reduces employee stress
  • Assists mental focus, creativity and concentration

I can work with you to design a programme that will promote better health. Simply find a space such as a boardroom, decide a convenient time and gather a group of colleagues together. You can borrow, hire or buy mats and props directly from me.

45 minutes – £30

60 minutes – £45

Check out the schedule to see what suits

Register your interest

“From early 2017, we have offered Yoga through our Mayflower Active initiative. Natalie is very organised and we build week on week over the course of the term in terms of our exercises and ability. Feedback from our staff suggests that they are finding it beneficial for their health & wellbeing.” 

Mayflower Theatre

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