Baby Yoga

Engage, empower and re-energise

Having a baby is a massive transformation from being a ripe and full ‘pregnant queen’ to a shattered empty shell of a ‘servant’! My classes help you not only to engage with your baby to better understand their cues for renewed confidence, but provide a path to postnatal healing so that you can regain your vitality.

Yoga means ‘to unite’ and what better way to start than to share yoga with your baby. The classes last an hour and work on an energetic level to wring out tension through hip opening sequences, core stability work, shoulder stretches, lifts and holds that also promote restful sleep, release symptoms of colic and help you to rebuild core muscle tone.

Designed to be restorative and fun, the classes are choreographed to nursery rhymes and stories, helping us to walk, talk, breathe and relieve our emotional and physical tight spots.

-Builds bond with baby through positive interaction
-Soothes tension and stimulates endorphins, or ‘happy hormones’
-Builds postural alignment and develops baby’s motor skills
-Aids respiratory and digestive function
-Increases confidence and ‘attunement’ with your baby

It is advisable to wait until after your six week check and after your baby’s 6-8 week hip check to begin my Baby yoga classes. If you have had a C-section, it is best to wait until at least 12 weeks post-birth or until you have had the all-clear from your GP. All abilities welcome. I run two different groups: baby yoga from 6 weeks until mobile and tots yoga from 9-18 months.

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When I fell pregnant, I joined Natalie’s pregnancy yoga classes and I can honestly say that my labour went smoothly due to her guidance and teachings. Postnatally, I attended her mother and baby classes. The fact that I could bring my baby along to a yoga class was amazing and the advice and tips I got from Natalie really did work! At the end of Natalie’s classes I always feel happier and relaxed…one of the best feelings in the world!

Michelle Cox

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