Pregnancy Yoga

Attending a weekly yoga class can reduce stress and fears of labour by a third

Research from Manchester University suggests that attending specialised yoga classes can help curb fear, depression and anxiety to facilitate a happier, healthier you.

My classes are taught on an exercise ball and combine gentle posture work with breathing techniques to provide a toolkit for birth and beyond. I adhere to strict standards of safety, as set out by the British Wheel of Yoga, adapting classic yoga poses to suit and providing access to props where appropriate. My class sizes are limited to eight people, so that I can modify and re-align accordingly.


  • Breathing practices boost vitality and promote calm
  • Relieves aching joints and muscles
  • Promotes healthy tone in the muscles lining the floor of the pelvis
  • Integrates the body, mind and breath to energise and heal

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Why use a ball?

I found Natalie’s classes very beneficial and always came away from each class feeling stronger and relaxed. I was particularly impressed with the way Natalie tailor’s each session to meet the needs of the individual. She is also excellent at explaining the benefits of the different postures, movements and breathing techniques for the purpose of coping with labour.

Silvia Montisci

What is Pelvic Girdle Pain?

Pelvic Girdle Pain Poses

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